I have always found it interesting why we like some vegetables more than others & what’s behind that preference . I really enjoy most vegetables & I’m lucky my kids happily eat a wide variety of vegetables but there are still some they are not keen on . They will munch down on a whole range of vegetables including cucumbers , radishes & even raw Brussel sprouts . They don’t mind peppery , bitter , spicy or bland vegetables BUT they dislike pumpkin. What kid doesn’t like pumpkin ??? AND the reasoning is priceless its to sweet …. LOL . Fancy that a vegetable disliked because its sweet . Id love to hear about what veg your kids will eat & which ones they are not so keen on . Also what reason they give you is it the flavour , texture , makes them feel yucky or are they so afraid of some veg they wont even taste it.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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