Grow Cook Taste Owner “Chef Kate”

Kate is a Qualified chef , Food Safety Supervisor , Enterprise trainer & Hospitality Assessor passionate about Children’s Food Education.

All abilities , all ages specialised Plant Based Cooking Classes for Kids.

All Abilities Earth Kids Club

Designed for ages 2-8 years. Early Learning Kitchen Garden Group. Fun & interactive Foundational Food Education. Including music , movement , sensory food play , drama , arts , cooking & gardening. Based around the Early Learning Framework & suitable for Nero-diverse children.

Primary students : Foundations of cooking classes

Designed for ages 8-14 years. Primary Food Education & Cooking classes. Hands on classes where students learn the basics of cooking . Including knife skills , basic methods of cookery , hygiene and more. Linking with the Australian Primary Curriculum. Suitable for students at school & Homeschoolers.

Secondary students : Introduction to Commercial Cookery Course :

Designed for students ages 14- 18 years currently working in or intending on entering the Hospitality Industry or students wanting more advanced cooking education . This pre-vocational introductory course gives students a taste of the Commercial Cooking industry. Units have been created to align but not infringe on Units from the Commercial Cookery Training Package . This course is a Non- accredited certificated course that cannot be used for credit transfers BUT can be used as part of RPL evidence for related modules. This is an advanced course aligned with skills & knowledge applied at Certificate 2 Level. Students will need demonstrate performance outcomes , skills & knowledge required to be deemed competent to be issued with certificates including knowledge tasks , practical tasks & assessments. Course culminates in a Graduation dinner where students showcase learned skills & knowledge. Designing & costing the menu & cooking for their Families.

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