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Hi there!

Hi, I’m Katie, a mom of four, passionate about food , gardening , and community.

Thanks for dropping by to sticky beak at our menu !

I trust you’ll  like our special recipe blend of Nurturing , Nourishment & Connection sprinkled with Earth Care , People Care & Fair share.

I hope you will enjoy my bright , colorful , unique fiery flavor. My spice of life i add to all my creations & connections.

About Me

Hi, I’m Katie a Food Alchemist . Previously a Chef & Organic Seedling Nursery Owner , in 2020 following my love for food i started Grow Cook Taste to provide “Seed to Feed” Food Education for children.

Like most seeds & ideas i plant it has continued to grow , evolve & deepen it’s roots. The further growth has recently given birth to my specialty women’s Inner Seasons Journey.

  When I’m not spending time cooking or caring for my family , i like to support my community , garden with friends & attend experiences that deepen my connection to source , self & the earth.

Let’s create something nutritious & delicious together

” We are not just growing good food , we are growing a new community & new society “

  • Vandana Shiva