• Earth Kids Program
  • School Holiday Workshops

Grow Lessons focus on the plants & may include hands on activities such as making paper pots, planting seeds & seedlings & making soil mixes as well as related games/experiments. Educational topics may include soil, seasons, plant life cycles, what plants need to grow to name a few. All Grow Programs come with a Seedling for each participating child to take home for their very own garden.

Cook Lessons focus on foundational cooking skills for children. These include Kitchen safety & hygiene, correct use of tools & basic cooking skills. All children participate in cooking/ preparing something for themselves & parent/carer to eat.

Taste Lessons focus on the food we eat. Education & encouragement for eating a more balanced diet. Games & activities reinforcing healthy eating . All children participate to create a nutritious meal for themselves & their parent/carer. We all sit to enjoy our meal together while discussing with the kids their thoughts on the days activities & menu . We then invite the kids to share activities or recipes ideas they would like to suggest.

Grow Cook Taste Earth Kids programs & School Holiday workshops include a variety of the following each week ;

  • Growing – Discuss, Select, Plant, Grow & Harvest Ingredients.
  • Cooking – Kitchen safety/hygiene, Correct use of tools, Basic Cooking skills , learning recipes.
  • Tasting – Discussing, reflecting & tasting. Education on benefits of eating plants. Fun educational games to get kids to try new foods.
  • Art & Crafts – Recycled or Natural materials . Painting , weaving , paper making , flower pot people etc
  • Design – Individual education plans , garden design , social & Community design , recipe design
  • Movement & Mindfulness– Self regulation , grounding , connection
  • Music , drama , puppets , stories – imagination , creativity , fun , social participation
  • Edible Sensory Play – edible kinetic sand , edible painting , edible slime , edible jelly